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    Our rental bikes are selected to meet our stringent standards and special requirements. They are quality bikes manufactured by “Schauff” (German), “Kettler” (German), “KTM” (Austrian) and “Kalkhoff” (German). The bikes come with either 7 speed hub gear (with back-pedal coaster brake) or 24 gear freewheel (left-lever handlebar brake). Comfortable ‘Selle- Royale’ or ‘SQLab Ergonomic’ saddles (wide or normal width) are provided in both male or female versions. Sometimes on Star-Cycle Tours along the Etsch- und Drau-Cycle routes, we may use other makes besides those listed above. Our hire bikes also come fitted with panniers on either side.


    Routes Reduction for using your own bike Surcharge for use of an E-Bike
    Danube Passau-Vienna - € 68,- - € 72,-
    Danube Vienna -Budapest - € 68,- - € 72,-
    German Danube - € 60,- - € 80,-
    Lake Constance - € 60,- - € 60,-
    River Altmühl - € 60,- - € 80,-
    River Elbe - € 60,- - € 80,-
    River Main - € 60,- - € 80,-
    Mosel River - € 55,- - € 85,-
    River Etsch/Veneto Region - € 52,- - € 68,-
    River Drau (Drave) - € 55,- - € 65,-
    Star cycle tours - € 50,- - € 70,-

    Our E-Bikes

    We provide the German-made Kalkhoff AGATTU Impulse, a pedal-assisted bike with 7/8-hub gear. The Austrian-built KTM Bikersfun, which weighs only 19 kg, comes in heights of either 46 cm or 51 cm, with a 27-gear freewheel, handlebar suspension and disc brakes. Bikes are provided in both male and female versions. All ladies models have a low "step-through frame" making them easy and comfortable to get on and off throughout the tour. Even without using the electric motor, they are light to ride and can be easily taken on trains. Battery capacity is between 65 and 80 km on even surfaces. A deposit of € 180,- per bike is required either in cash or deductible from your credit card. Can't find "Bikersfun" model on KTM website, only "Life Fun" www.ktm-bikes.at/bikes/trekking.html  

    Our Children's Bikes

    Three sizes of bike are on offer, in 16-inch, 20-inch and 24-inch frame sizes (26-inch being the nearest adult sized frame). Please specify your child’s age and height at the time of booking. Bike trailers are also available; we offer the "Kiddy-Van" model, safely designed to carry one or two children (max. weight 40 kg). The trailer is of German manufacture fitted with 3-Point-lap safety belt. Rental price: € 100,- plus a deposit of € 90,- Children’s ‘Tag-along’ bikes are also available; these ‘Follow- me-bikes’ are suitable for 6-year-old children and upward, for those who are too big for ‘Kiddy-Vans’ but still too small to safely ride a bike on their own. The Tandem-Trailer is well equipped with chainguard, mudguards (fenders), an adjustable saddle and a pennant for visibility. These only available for booking in conjunction with one of our hire bikes. Rental costs € 100,- plus a deposit of € 90,-. Child seat available at no charge but a deposit of € 90,- is required.

    Return transfer with your Bike

    From either Vienna (The Danube bike path), Budapest, Regensburg (Altmühl and the German Danube), Koblenz (The Mosel), Magdeburg/Wittenberg (The Elbe), Verona/Riva/Arco (Adige) and at the Drau-Cycleway, your transfer takes you back from the destination hotel back to your original starting point to where your car is parked. Most days, our travel bus is available and is by far  the most direct and comfortable form of transport with no change of vehicles necessary. This can also be used to transfer your own bike for € 22,- per bike (excluding travel insurance).  

    On days when there is no bus transfer running, or from other locations such as Main, we will organize your return journey by train. You should be aware of the possibility of sustaining damage to your bike as can be the case when carrying it on any train or aero-plane. Therefore, the transfer includes an insurance charge of € 67,- per bike with a value of up to € 6.000,-. Please specify when booking. In the case of the ‘A bike-Our Present to You’ these contributions and liabilities do not apply. For the Vienna to Budapest and the Adige-cycle route tours the transport costs are € 30,- without, and € 83,- with, transport insurance. I hope this is OK and the meaning is the same.