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    Quality bikes from the companies “Schauff” (D), “Kettler” (D), “KTM” (A) and Kalkhoff (D), bikes with 7 hub gear (backpedal) and 24 gears, left pedal brake and comfort saddle are standard, also 21 gears, free wheel, derailleur gears. There is the possibility of different manufacturing companies at our single center cycling tours and at tours along the Drau.


    reduction if own bikes surcharge for E-Bike
    Danube Passau - € 68,-
    Danube Vienna-Budapest - € 68,-
    Drau - € 55,-
    Main - € 60,-
    Lake Constance - € 60,-
    Adige/Veneto - € 55,-
    German Danube - € 60,-
    Altmühl - € 60,-
    Elbe - € 55,-
    Star cycle tours - € 45,-

    We also offer other types of bikes like, bikes for children, Kiddy Van (€ 100,- for the whole stay; deposit of € 90,-),child’s seat (free, deposit of € 90,-), Follow Me(€ 100,- for the whole stay; deposit of € 90,-)

    Our Bikes

    Our E-Bikes are from the companies KTM-Bikersfun and Kalkhoff Marke AGATTU. They have asportive appearance and are easy to move - even without electric drive- and are easily transported in trains. The deposit for one E-Bikes is € 180,-. It is possible to drive up to 80 km with one charging.

    Return transfer

    All our tours include return transfer to your starting point. For the transfer of your individual bike you can choose our service for surcharge. For further information please contact us.