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    Corona-protection measures on our MS Primadonna

    Cleanliness, hygiene and highest quality are and have always been our top priority on board of the MS PRIMADONNA!
    We have revised our processes and are taking measures to protect your health that go beyond the legal framework. Through organisational adjustments we ensure the necessary distance and your privacy on board. We do everything we can to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe on board and that you can enjoy your cruise on the MS PRIMADONNA in a calm and relaxed manner.
    Below, you will find a brief summary of the most important measures.

    1. Measures by our guests

    Upon arrival, a STATEMENT UNDER OATH with reference to your personal health and any personal contact with persons at risk must be submitted.

    After an on-site examination (temperature measurement and interview), the on-board physician can decide on the basis of CoVID19 symptoms such as coughing, fever, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties etc. whether the ride is possible without CoVID19 testing. If a guest cannot travel due to the examination and interview, the full cancellation fee must be paid.

    There is currently no longer a general obligation to wear a face mask on board, which guarantees an unrestricted stay on board in all restaurants and in the atrium. There is a recommendation to wear mouth and nose protection in closed, publicly accessible premises. For example the short distances from the cabin to the restaurant etc.

    NO mouth and nose protection obligation!

    2. Our Actions

    A doctor is on board at the beginning of the journey. His orders and those of the captain are to be followed. Important preliminary information about the CoVID19 protection measures on board is provided with the travel documents.

    Each cabin is completely disinfected after each voyage, including room disinfection with Saniswiss Sanitizer. Room disinfection is the final cleaning step in each cabin.

    Meals: To keep the minimum distance, we offer 2 sessions in the restaurant at all meals as well as longer opening hours. Per cabin one restaurant table is provided. If you are travelling together with friends/acquaintances, up to 8 guests can be seated per table (subject to availability). Instead of the self-service buffet at breakfast, individual service is provided at the table. Hot dishes can be selected from a separate breakfast menu.

    For the convenience of all guests booked in the Promenade deck cabins, a food and beverage service is provided in the cabin at no extra charge for lunch and dinner. This turns the best cabins on board into an individual restaurant with maximum privacy, and the courses of the menu are served one after the other.

    Drinks and cocktails after meals are served for a limited number of people in the bar and in the Danube Arena and for an unlimited number of people on the sun deck.

    Spa-Area: We imitate the number of visitors in the outer whirlpool areas as well in the Sauna. A separate registration system at the reception desk allows all guests to plan their spa visit in advance. The indoor whirlpool is not open. Health massages and hydrojet treatments as well as shaving and hairdressing services are provided (wearing a mouth-nose protection is mandatory). Please make reservations at the reception desk. Appropriate disinfection is carried out by the hairdresser and masseur before each guest's visit.

    Board doctor: Medical care at the start of the journey on 17th July, 14th and 21st August 2020 will be provided by Dr. Janina Dieber MSc. Dr. Dieber is a general practitioner and specialist for intensive care.

    At the beginning of the trip on July 31st and August 7th 2020, medical care will be provided by Dr.med Christian Pröll. Dr. Pröll is a general practitioner.  

    3. Employees

    All employees have undergone a medical check-up and are only allowed to board after a negative CoVID19 test result. All crew members in contact with guests wear a protective visor (if necessary a nose and mouth mask). At the beginning of the season, the employees were trained in CoVID19 prevention and hygiene measures. Two medical offices from our crew check the compliance with the measures on board during daily operations.

    4. General hygiene on board

    Our guests will find disinfection & hygiene dispensers at all important points - at the entrances to the ship, the bar and the restaurant. The disinfection of all public areas including toilets, door buckles, railings and tables is carried out several times a day.

    All beverage menus are coated with a special varnish against bacteria and viruses.

    The disinfection of the bicycle handles on bike cruises is carried out daily.
    The crew cabins are also disinfected after the start of each cruise in the same way as the customer cabins.
    Masks are also available in the on-board shop at cost price.   

    Status 15.6.2020, subject to change, especially in case of changes in official regulations

    Comm.Council Manfred Traunmüller

    Comprehensive hygiene measures.