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    This extremely unfortunate situation changes every day, if not every hour. If you have already booked your trip, we suggest to observe the further development and then decide and inform us. For our company, the primary aim is the health of our clients and our employees.  


    1. Cycling holiday
    All our cycling holidays incl. tour arrival date Thursday, May 28th will be cancelled on our part. All customers, who booked a bike tour until tour arrival Mai 28th, can re-book free of charge and will receive the same services for the originally booked price until the end of the season 2021 (e.g. low season price/high season service).
    If you would like to receive back your already paid deposit/payment, this is possible WITHOUT deductions. In this case, please send us your bank account details by email.
    We would be VERY glad, if you would like to keep your deposit for your bike holiday in 2020 or 2021 for your booking; with your new booking you will receive one pair of cycling gloves. Thank you!

    2. Current Office-situation
    The authority measures are also not without consequences for us either: We currently have restricted office operation times, which means that the processing of your requests will take longer than usual. Our office operating times on telephone are:  Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m and on Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m..
    Differing availabilities: on Wednesday, April 1st & on Tuesday, April 7th only our telephone operator hotline with 2 of our employees is available.
    On „Good Friday“, April 10th our company is closed and we are reachable again on Tuesday, April 14th. Please therefore send all your requests to us by E-Mail!  The customer information point in our office in Linz is CLOSED since March 16th 2020 according to a decision from the government. Personal information is therefore no longer possible.



    3. Currently we offer following options for the booked arrivals from May 29th 2020.

    3.1. Observe the actual situation
    3 weeks before arrival, you will be able to assess the situation more precisely.
    Please consider, that in China the normal situation occurs almost 2 months after the outbreak! Between 21 and 14 days before the booked arrival date we offer you a FREE cancellation, if there are cases of illnesses in the relevant federal states or provinces. From our side, there will not be needed a travel warning or another official order.

    3.2. Rebooking of a previously booked bike tour into another destination/other Donau Touristik bike tours/rebooking to 2021
    Eventough, we are not recommending this at the moment, we can offer this service to you FREE OF CHARGE. Please inform us. A rebooking of your bike tour to 2021 is also possible WITHOUT ANY COSTS.

    3.3. Immediate cancellation of a previously booked bike tour
    For arrivals from May, 29th 2020, we expect, that we can provide our services/offers (except in Italy) properly/regularly.
    If you would like to cancel your bike holiday from tour arrival date May, 29th: for a processing fee of 50 € per booking, the payments made so far will be refunded (more details: item 3.2.).

    3.4. Special regulation for the Adige cycle path and cycling holidays in Italy

    From today’s perspective, the first arrival is possible on Friday, June 26th 2020. All customers, who booked for arrivals until June, 25th can re-book their trip for free and receive the same services at the originally booked price until the end of the season 2021.
    If you would like to receive back your already paid deposit/payment, this is possible WITHOUT deductions. In this case, please send us your new booking or your banc account details by email.
    For booked arrivals from June, 26th the items 3.1. 3.2./3.3.  are valid. Please send us an E-mail to etsch(at)donautouristik.com. We will also appreciate to inform you on telephone + 43 (0) 732 2080 1024.

    4. Special regulations for one-centre bike tours (except Italy) and site-to-site tours including train travel
    All arrivals until May, 28th 2020 are also cancelled. Regulation please also find at item 1. From May, 29th applies: According to the booked hotel, special regulation can occur. Please ask your responsible Donau Touristik referee for details.

    5. Information for ship travellers

    5.1. Cancellation of cruises with MS Primadonna
    All arrivals until incl. May, 28th will be cancelled on our part. We offer a free re-booking to all booked customers until the end of the season 2021. The travel dates 2021 will be approximately published at end of April 2020. If you would like to receive back your already paid deposit/payment, this is possible WITHOUT deductions.

    5.2. Cruises from Fr, May, 29th 2020

    From today´s perspective, the execution of our Danube cruises from May, 29th is secured. Please consider our changed cancellation conditions for the season 2020: For cancellations of arrivals from May, 29th we will charge a cancellation fee of 10 % of the travel price according to the booking confirmation. Re-booking to a later date until the end of the season 2021 is free of charge (payments already made will be considered).

    5.3. Measures on board of the MS Primadonna

    The precautions on board range from increased disinfection measures to the deployment of medical personnel according to the authorities. This procedure of service will be continued as long as there is a need. Every guest on board receives his or her own hygiene and prevention information with corresponding recommendation for the journey.

    5.4. Excursion cruises
    All day trips with our MS Kaiserin Elisabeth until including Friday, May 8th are cancelled on our part. It is unclear, when regular shipping operation can be resumed.

    5.5. Island hopping Croatia
    For our cycling holidays, which we offer by chartering whole ships arrangements from Abbazia (Opatija) or Spalato (Split) applies: Cancellation on our part until incl. arrival May, 14th. Regarding deposit, please find more details at item 3.1. Please send queries by e-mail: rad-schiff(at)donautouristik.com.

    6. Special regulation for tours operated with PARTNER travel agencies/operators

    For all bike holidays, which we operate with partners, there are special cancellation conditions. Please send your E-Mail requests to: info(at)radferien.com
    For all partner-bike tours of our catalogue „Radferien-und-mehr“ applies: For legal security, we offer all our clients with an arrival date until Friday, May, 15th 2020 a cancellation possibility exempt from charges.

    7. New bookings for bike holidays (tours operated by Donau Touristik)
    We have full understanding, if you reset your travel plans and would like to book at a later time. We will currently inform you about the development on our website or respectively by e-mail/telephone call. For all new bookings until April, 30th 2020 we will not claim deposits, neither there will be cancellation costs until 14 days before arrival!
    In general: Please send all requests by e-mail to your responsible Donau Touristik referee. 


    Status: 27th March