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France with its Lorraine, Luxembourg with its sovereignty and the lovely Palatinate in Germany define the Mosel people's way of life.

The Moselle region is Germany's oldest wine region. The graceful slopes characterise the area like hardly any other wine landscape in the world. Vineyards line up with vineyards, castles with half-timbered houses, antiquity with baroque - in addition to countless opportunities to stop for a bite to eat and a feast. The cycle tour along the entire length of the German shore from Perl is very popular. The day cycle tour along the nearby Middle Rhine to the Loreley and the famous nature reserves near Mainz or to the impressive Saar Loop is also highly recommended. The Moselle cycle path runs between the river banks and vineyards and connects more than 120 wine villages.

And what could be better than rounding off the active enjoyment of nature with culinary delights? For hungry and thirsty cyclists, there are plenty of excellent places to stop, feast and taste the good wines directly along the Moselle Cycle Route. After all, a cycling tour on the Moselle Cycle Route is always a cycling tour to the region's top wines.

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4 entries found

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