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    General information about the cycle track from Passau to Vienna

    THE DANUBE CYCLE TRACK - where everything began!

    Do you know the distance from Passau to Vienna?

    71% of all German bicycle vacationers say, that they have already cycled  this classical route at least once. The interplay between partly unoccupied narrow valleys and lively towns, many sights along the way as well as the excellent Viennese cuisine are definitely worth the trip.

    Danube Experience Ticket 2018

    The highlight for this tour is this voucher-booklet: 1h motorboat-ride at the Danube, return ticket for the steepest railway of Europe, the Linz castle, many cider- and winetastings (e.g. monastery Klosterneuburg) and 3 coffee/tea-breaks are included. The value of all included services is € 114,- per person.

    Our service

    • Personal welcome information meeting every Saturday and Sunday in July and August.
    • Private parking space (unguarded, outdoor) near the bicycle issue in Passau partly including.
    • VIP return transfer by bus directly from the hotel in Vienna (departure approx at 8 am) to the parking space or the train station in Passau (arrival approx at 1 pm).
    • Transportation charges for guests personal bikes: € 22,- per bike without transportation insurance, € 67,- per bike with transportation insurance
    • Partly return ticket by train (2nd class, departs every 2 hours, any train of choice; transfer from/to the train station not included). In case of arrival by plane, the train ticket Vienna-Passau will be sent to you in advance.
    • Please contact us if you are interested in returning by boat.

    Bike track

    From Passau at 312 m above sea level, you cycle free of traffic on a smooth path/slightly downhill to 155 m sea level till Vienna. Mostly with westwind in your back.

    Passau (49,460 inhabitants)

    Vienna (1.8 million inhabitants)


    • Passau (cathedral, Veste Oberhaus)
    • Linz (cathedral, castle, main square, Lentos, Pöstlingberg)
    • St. Florian (abbey with hall of marble, Imperial room, Bruckners’s Crypt, etc.)
    • Melk (abbey)
    • Dürnstein (baroque townscape)
    • Krems (UNESCO world cultural heritage site)
    • Klosterneuburg (Escorial of Austria)
    • Vienna (St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Schönbrunn Palace)
    • You also pass historically interesting places, which were commemorated at the beginning of the First World War. It is possible to visit the castle Artstetten, which is located 2.8 km away from the Danube. There you will find a museum and the final resting place of the throne of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, who were the first casualties of the First World War. You may also view historical documents, such as a guestbook entry of Marie Valerie in an inn located 12 km away from the Danube Bike Route. The daugher of emperor Sisi was guest there in 1913.
    • The wine-areas along the Lower Austrian Danube appear in the most gorgeous colours. Countless celebrations - cultural, culinary, Musical or literary - invite you, to celebrate this year's wine till November.

    Dates 2018

    Daily arrival from April 14th to October 14th (=last arrival).
    You can find the seasons' dates at the respective tour-pages.

    Individual bike tour

    Our individual bike tour - you define the speed, divide the day freely and decide on your own, when you reach your goal of the day. We transport your luggage. At the end of the tour, we bring you back to the starting point - mostly by bus, partly by train.

    Individual cycle tours

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