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    € 479,-

    Passau-Vienna at a sensational price

    Authentic Donau Touristik

    • Including train arrival from every German/Austrian train station for a great price OR refund if arrival on your own
    • The Danube-experience-ticket - Your perfect voucher-booklet with lots of discounts and bargains
    • Warm hosts in good middle-class hotels
    • Unbeatable in price and service

    Our offer for you

    from € 479,- 7 x nights with breakfast buffet, luggage transport to Vienna and much more

    Dates 2018

    Daily arrival from April 14th - October 14th

    Offseason: April 14th - 19th
                         October 7th - 14th

    Low season: April 20th - May 9th
                            June 4th - July 6th
                            September 10th - October 6th

    High season: May 10th - June 3rd
                             July 7th - September 9th

    General information

    • Individual cycling tour from city to city
    • 316 km cycling
    • 98 % smooth cycle route; 2 % secondary roads and city transit

    Cycle track special

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    Day 1, Arrival

    by train to Passau. Overnight in the 3☼☼☼Hotel Dormero. Distribution of rental bikes (if booked) and information pack.

    Day 2, Schlögen (40 km)

    Through Obernzell to the monastery at Engelszell then on to the Schlögener Schlinge or to Untermühl. Overnight stay in a 3☼☼☼hotel directly at the Schlögener Schlinge.

    Day 3, Linz (54 km)

    Cycle along the Danube Cycling Path to the baroque market town of Aschach  then via Wilhering to Linz. Accommodation in a 3☼☼☼hotel.

    Day 4, Wallsee/Perg (48 km)

    Past the "Ödseen" cross the oldest city of Austria, Enns. By Ferry to Mauthausen and your Goal for the day. Overnight in a 3☼☼☼hotel.

    Day 5, Marbach/Ebersdorf (49/57 km)

    Passing the island Wörth in the Nibelungengau; via Säusenstein before reaching your destination for the day. Overnight in a 3☼☼☼inn.

     Day 6, Krems (51/43 km)

    Continue through the UNESCO-World Heritage "Wachau Cultural Landscape" to Dürnstein and Krems. Overnight in a 3☼☼☼hotel.

    Day 7, Vienna (74 km)

    Via Klosterneuburg to the Austrian capital. Hand in the bikes on the edge of the city (near the cycling path). Overnight in a 4☼☼☼☼hotel.

    Day 8

    Return journey home by train from Vienna to your home station (Germany or Austria) via Passau.


    In the map you can find the routes of your tour.


    Per person Off season Low season High season
    Double room € 479,- € 564,- € 589,-
    Single room € 577,- € 662,- € 687,-
    Surcharge half board (6x / not in Vienna) + € 115,- + € 115,- + € 115,-
    Surcharge rental bike + € 68,- + € 68,- + € 68,-
    Surcharge E-Bike + € 150,- + € 150,- + € 150,-


    • 7 x bed and breakfast
    • Train ticket 2nd class on German/Austrian networks with choice of any trains including Inter-City Express (ICE), from any station in Germany or Austria
    • Face to face information sessions held in Passau on Saturdays and Sundays in July/August
    • Luggage service to Vienna insured to a value of up to € 700,- per person
    • A ‘Donau discount card’ with many reductions
    • 2x Ferry trip (Enns-Mauthausen, Spitz-Arnsdorf) incl. bike
    • Information package with route maps
    • GPS details of route
    • 7-days customer service hotline

    Our tip

    When booking extra nights in July and August, we invite you to a ship tour (only Sundays) with our MS Kaiserin Elisabeth from Vienna to Bratislava, return by bike or in the late afternoon by ship again or train (payable on spot).

    Your hotels

    Your hotels are expecting you with friendliness and coziness; in Linz and Vienna very good 4☼☼☼☼hotels.


    Breakfast buffet or extended breakfast.

    Half board with 3 course regional dinner in your hotel or in restaurants near your hotel. No half board in Vienna - you can find a list with recommendations for restaurants, cafés and inns in your travel documents.

    Rental bikes

    Quality bikes from the companies “Schauff” (GER), “Kettler” (GER), “KTM” (AUT) and Kalkhoff (GER), bikes with 7 hub gear (backpedal-break) and 24 gears, comfort saddles are standard.


    Our E-Bikes are from the companies KTM-Bikersfun and Kalkhoff Marke AGATTU. They have asportive appearance and are easy to move - even without electric drive- and are easily transported in trains. It is possible to drive up to 80 km with one charging.

    --- Your contact person ---

    Daniela Brandstetter
    T:+43 (0)732 2080-4000