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    "Reichsgewässer" without borders

    Until today, the borders between Germany, Switzerland and Austria within the third-largest lake of Mid-Europe remain unclear - and it works very well! A lot is organized together, e.g. the amount of sailing boats, the lake-navigation - and the cycle track near the lake. The Lake Constance cycle track is finished for 30 years now and counts as one of the most beautiful ones in Europe! The mild micro-climate with palms on the island "Mainau" or the cultural diversity is the reason for many (cycle-)tourists to choose this holiday destination. The lovely vineyards, the view to the Swiss mountains or the 75 km long view over the lake are unmatched. Additionally the cultural-historic sights, such as the abbey on the island "Reichenau" (UNESCO), Constance with its council-building, the castle-district, Münster and many more - or the Meersburg with the oldest inhabited German castle, "island-city" Lindau and so on. The largest waterfall of Europe, the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen, shines uncomparable in the evening lights and shouldn't be missed at any Lake Constance-bike tour!


    The cycle track leads you through lonesome natural heritage areas, past orchards and vineyards and through cultural-historic sights such as the abbey-island Reichena, a UNESCO-world heritage; to Constance, the city of councils, and to Meersburg with the oldest German castle. You shouldn't miss the unique flower-island Mainau.


    Bregenz: (29,800 inhabitants), picturesque located festival-city (Parking free of charge according to availability at the parking place West/stadium (15 minutes walking distance) or central underground parking at the Pfänderbahn + € 128.- per car and week - please advise with booking). From July 22nd to August 23rd, we also reserve in the neighbour-cities Hard, Wolfurt or rather Dornbirn - with guaranteed accomodation in a 4☼☼☼☼hotel!

    Friedrichshafen: (60,000 inhabitants), at our infopoint hotel Föhr, there are unguarded parking possibilities according to availability (€ 8.- per car and day, payable on spot) registration directly at the hotel or in a central parking garage in Friedrichshafen (approx. € 15.- per car and day).

    Salem: (11,400 inhabitants), spiritual centre of the German Lake Constance area near Birnau (parking space free of charge near the infopoint, hotel Schwanen).

    Kreuzlingen: (21,500 inhabitants), largest Swiss city on Lake Constance near Constance. Parking is possible directly at the hotel (parking service hotel Swiss; with fence and door) or near our infopoint (hotel Swiss) at parking place called "Bärenplatz" (approx. 100m away from infopoint). Both possibilities costs approx. CHF 30.- per week.


    • Many interesting nature reserves like Seespitz or Altenrhein
    • Argen-estuary / Langenargen
    • The largest waterfall of Europe - the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen
    • The new palace and the oldest inhabited German castle in Meersburg are culture-historical worth visiting
    • Constance with its castle-district
    • the medieval Stein/Rhine
    • Schaffhausen with the Dürer-castle
    • Lindau, the island-city
    • the most popular German holiday-attraction: Flower-island Mainau

    DATES 2020

    Daily arrival from April, 10th to October, 11th
    The detailled season-times can be found at the corresponding detail-page.


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