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    Moselle cycle track

    "There's always time for a pint", is the motto of the Moselans, who enjoy the light wine with leisure. Contemplative wine-growing villages, romantic half-timber houses and extended vineyard terraces are characterizing the valley of the Moselle. The Calmont is the steepest vineyard in Europe. A range of castles and monasteries accompany the river on his journey. The Romans left many traces. Monumental constructions like amphitheaters, palaces, bridges and aqueducts bear witness to this time. Later the Trier archbishops adopt the reign in the country. A nice starting point for the tour is Metz in the East of France; many vacationers choose Trier, the oldest city of Germany. The endpoint of the cycle tour is mostly Koblenz, where the Moselle finally flows into the Rhine.

    Our Plus

    • VIP transfer by bus every Saturday from the hotel in Koblenz/Chochem to Trier, Saturdays between July 7th and September 1st to Metz and Perl.
    • 3 starting points at choice: Metz, Perl and Trier
    • private car park at the arrival point
    • Combination with Rhine Cycle Route in the UNESCO world heritage region around Mainz
    • daily return transfer of your bike for € 22,- without/ € 67,- with transport insurance

    The cycle track starts flat and vehicle-free in Metz and ends in Koblenz. The track runs consistently tagged 3 states. The start of the tour in Trier is a shorter alternative. If you continue your cycling tour to Mainz, you will find the most beautiful section of the Rhine cycle route with the legendary Loreley Rock.



    • Metz (120,700 inhabitants)
    • Perl-Nennig (1,352 inhabitants)
    • Trier (106,500 inhabitants)


    • Cochem (5,332 inhabitants)
    • Koblenz (109,700 inhabitants)
    • Mainz (202,700 inhabitants)


    • Metz, the ancient capital of the diocese with the same name, is a cultural metropolis of rare beauty: Cathedral, " Centre Pompidou", old town
    • Trier, once was the 3rd capital of the Roman Empire and it is an interesting cultural town (Porta Nigra)
    • Cochem, Reichsburg
    • Koblenz, where Mosel & Rhine are flowing together

    Dates 2018

    Metz: Arrival every Friday and Saturday from May 25th - September 15th

    Perl: Arrival every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from May 4th - October 6th

    Trier: Daily arrival from April 13th - October 6th

    Individual cycle tours

    >> Moselle in its full length

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