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    TT 25: Moselle classic

    From € 615,- individual 7-day bike tour with luggage service to Koblenz – 6 x overnight stay and breakfast buffet, bike rental, wine tasting, return transfer by train; hotels of the 3☼☼☼ and 4☼☼☼☼ category according to the announcement or occasionally equivalent – and much more. Daily arrival from April 30th to October 4th 2020



    • Extension package "Saarschleife": In only 30 minutes by train (every half an hour) to Mettlach and a wonderful ride along the Saar cycle path back to the oldest city of Germany.
    • Numerous sights from the Porta Nigra to the Reichsburg in Cochem are along the way.
    • Overnight stay in good middle class hotels often with own vineyards.


    from € 615.- / 6 x overnight with breakfast, parking space, rental bike and much more

    DATES 2020

    Daily arrival from April 30th to October 4th

    Low season: April 30th to Mai 20th and June 14th to July 10th

    High season: May 21th to June 13rd and July 11th to October 4th


    • 242 km bike
    • well developed and asphalted, level cycle paths
    • 80 % car-free cycle path, 20 % little frequented side roads


    Day 1, Arrival
    to Perl in the trijunction Germany/Luxembourg/France. Overnight in the 3☼☼☼hotel Residence. Free public Parking near the hotel (1 km from the centre). When arriving Sunday, if wished overnight in the  4☼☼☼☼Superior-hotel Schloss Berg for a surcharge.

    Day 2, Trier (46 km)
    Through vineyards to Nennig (important Roman mosaik) and beautiful villages, like Grevenmacher, Oberbillig or Konz to this day's destination. Overnight in the 4☼☼☼☼hotel Vienna House Easy or 3☼☼☼Superior-hotel Deutscher Hof.

    Day 3, Neumagen-Dhron (45 km)
    Through the Trittenheim loop into the oldest vine-growing-village of Germany. Overnight in the 3☼☼☼hotel Lekker. Wine tasting in the evening.

    Day 4, Traben-Trarbach (45 km)
    To Bernkastel-Kues and Traben-Trarbach. Overnight in the 3☼☼☼hotels Trabener Hof or Parkhotel.

    Day 5, Cochem (56 km)
    Past Zell ("Schwarze Katz") and the steepest vineyard of Europe, the Calmont, to Cochem (castle). Overnight in the 3☼☼☼hotels Noss or Zehnthof.

    Day 6, Koblenz (50 km)
    To Treis-Karden and past the castle Bischofstein to the Rhine-estuary at the German edge. Overnight in the 4☼☼☼☼hotel Mercure.

    Day 7, journey home
    After the breakfast return transfer by train to Perl. We transport customer-owned bikes daily to Perl for € 24.-/bike, delivery the day befor until 4.30 pm in the hotel in Koblenz.


    Here you can find pictures, sights and further information to the cycle track.

    Note: If you want to arrive at another date, please contact us!


    In this map you can see the biketour with the overnight cities in RED and further information to these cities.



    Koblenz liegt im nördlichen Rheinland-Pfalz und bildet eines der fünf Oberzentren. Seit 1962 ist Koblenz eine Großstadt mit mehr als 100.000 Einwohnern. Teile von Koblenz gehören seit 2002 zum UNESCO-Welterbe. Im Jahr 2011 ist Koblenz Austragungsort der ersten Bundesgartenschau in Rheinland-Pfalz.


    Cochem ist bekannt für die Reichsburg, die direkt über der Mosel thront. 1130 zum ersten Mal erwähnt wurde die Burg 1868 im neugotsichen Stil neu aufgebaut und befindet sich seit den späten 70ern im Besitz der Stadt Cochem.


    Traben-Trarbach ist eine Stadt an der Mittelmosel im Landkreis Bernkastel-Wittlich, Rheinland-Pfalz. Traben liegt links der Mosel, am Fuße der ehemaligen Festung Mont Royal, und Trarbach rechts des Flusses auf der Hunsrück-Seite.


    Neumagen-Dhron ist ein Ort in Bernkastel-Wittlich in Rheinland-Pfalz. Gegenüber des Ortsteils Neumagen mündet der Zweibach in die Mosel.


    Trier liegt im Westen von Rheinland-Pfalz und beansprucht den Titel der ältesten Stadt Deutschlands. Sehenswert sind das Amphitheater, die Kaiserthermen, die Porta Nigra sowie die Liebfrauenkirche.


    Perl ist eine Gemeinde im Landkreis Merzig-Wadern im Saarland. Sehenswürdigkeiten sind Römische Villa in Nennig mit Mosaikfußboden, rekonstruierte Römische Villa Borg und das Moseltal.


    Per person Low season High season
    Double room € 615.- € 645.-
    Single room € 740.- € 770.-
    Surcharge half board (5 x) + € 138.- + € 138.-
    Surcharge E-Bike + € 88.- + € 88.-

    Not included: partly city taxes up to € 3,- per person and night.

    Prices valid if you book through our online form. If you book by telephone, e-mail or directly at our office in Linz, you will be charged with a service fee of € 6.- per Person.


    • 6 x overnight including breakfast buffet
    • Luggage transfer to Coblence including liability up to € 700,- per person
    • Wine tasting
    • Return transfer by train
    • Rental bike + saddle bags
    • Information package with tourmap
    • 7-days-service hotline


    When arriving Sunday overnight in Perl in the 4☼☼☼☼Superior-hotel Schloss Berg - a successful start in your Moselle tour.

    Double room overnight with breakfast buffet + € 25.-
    Single room overnight with breakfast buffet + € 62.-
    when booking half board + € 21.-


    You will experience a wonderful cycle tour through the "Saarschleife". By train from Trier to Mettlach, 42 km on the Saar cycle path, level and car-free return! Consider an additional night in Trier, for example at 4☼☼☼☼hotel Vienna House Easy.

    Overnight stay/breakfast with train ride  
    Double room € 62,-
    Single room € 90,-


    Here you can find information about children- & group discounts.


    We reserve in owner-managed, comfortable hotels with very good service.

    • Perl: 3☼☼☼hotel Residence garni or 4☼☼☼☼Superior Residenz Hotel Schloss Berg
    • Trier: 3☼☼☼Superior-hotel Deutscher Hof or 4☼☼☼☼hotel Vienna House Easy
    • Neumagen-Dhron: 3☼☼☼hotel Lekker
    • Traben-Trarbach: 3☼☼☼hotel Trabener Hofor 3☼☼☼Parkhotel
    • Cochem: 3☼☼☼hotel Noss or 3☼☼☼hotel Zehnthof
    • Coblence: 4☼☼☼hotel Mercure


    Breakfast buffet. When booking half board 3-course menu of choice.

    E-Bikes: The models "KTM-Bikersfun" (19 kg weight, 51 cm frame size, 27 gears, 2 brakes) or the TOP-quality bike "KTM eCROSS" (70 km reach with only 12 kg weight) are available.
    Surcharge Moselle cycle track: + € 82.-


    As the largest supplier of bike tours in Europe, we have cheap hotel prices, which we hand on to you. If you find any offer - also Last-Minute! - cheaper anywhere else until two weeks before arrival, please send us an email with the copy of the offer. You get the same price!


    For booking, please click on your required arrival date.


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