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    Vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback!


    Gavin and Heather Stewart from Bodensee Radweg

    Friday, 07-10-16 06:57

    Dear Bettina,

    We would like to thank you for all the hard work you did getting our trip around Lake Constance together. You were patient and helpful under pressure from fellow travellers wanting their hands held on their first self guided tour.
    Everything turned out very well and the bikes, hotels and food were excellent. The maps were good and we only got lost onece on the first day out of Bregenz.
    Finding hotels was the only difficulty but we were probably tired at the end of the day.

    Lake Constance was beautiful and the bike paths, friendly drivers and hotel staff made our trip memorable.

    Thank you!


    Family Sela from Mosel Radweg

    Thursday, 11-08-16 14:19

    Dearest Claudia,

    We are back home after the awesome ride trip that we had.
    Everything was perfect, and the views were absolutely heaven.
    We left the bikes in the hotel in Koblenz with big sorrow after understanding that the dream is ended. See one of the attached pictures…

    We would like to thank you very much for your handling of the tour and your kindness for every question of mine (and there were many J).

    Also, your advice to stay another night in Cochem was perfect…oh Cochem..oh Cochem.

    This was our third ride with Donau Touristik and it will not be the last.

    Please keep us updated with new routes and of course in the moment that you will publish the new 2017 catalog (hopefully with one of our pictures in it …J), please send it to use.
    I will keep promote Donau Touristik among my friends.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Warmest and deapest regards,
    Yael, Tomer and Benny Sela


    K. Morris from Donau Radweg

    Wednesday, 10-08-16 10:12

    Dear Donau-Touristik Team!

    Thank you to the whole team as this has to be one of our best holidays and we have had many! A special thanks to the couple at the bike hire, they were extremely friendly and very helpful.

    Kind regards, Morris


    Claire, Bettina, Suzanne and Karl from Donau Radweg

    Monday, 01-08-16 11:09

    We all just wanted to say a massive thank you for your wonderful hospitality and the fantastic opportunity given to us.

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    Family Sela from Mosel Radweg

    Monday, 01-08-16 10:34

    Dear Claudia,

    This is the second day of iur tide tour.
    I just wanted to inform you that everything is PERFECT for us.
    The hotels are nice but more important the orhanization and views are wonderful.

    Mit bestem regards,
    Family Sela