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    Send us your most stunning holiday photo and win a variety of attractive prices as eg. Donau-Touristik saddle coatings, cycling gloves.

    The details of this contest are simple and straightforward:
    To enter, email us your favourite bike travel picture, showing you and/or your friends and family with a cultural sight, a natural landscape or a cycle path in the background. 

    Terms and conditions

    The photo contest is hosted by Donau Touristik GMBH, Lederergasse 4-12, A-4010 Linz/Donau. Entering the contest constitutes agreement to the following terms and conditions:

    Submission requirements

    Each picture should be labelled with the title of the image, the location of the photo, the entrant’s name and place of residence. For example: David and Susan in front of Albrechtsburg castle, Meißen, John Smith, Linz).

    Image quality

    All pictures should be sent in their original size (high quality) and in jpeg format. Photos that carry any visible date, text, picture frame or any other graphic elements on the picture itself are not eligible.


    All participants must hold exclusive rights to the photographs they submit and by entering are claiming such ownership. Each participant warrants that no rights of third parties will be infringed by the use of their photo(s). This particularly covers third party copyrights and personal rights of photographed persons. All necessary permissions and releases to publish the photograph must have been obtained from the individuals depicted prior to submission. If any third-party claims should nevertheless be made, the entrants agree to indemnify and to hold the Organiser harmless from any liability.

    Usage rights

    By participating in the photo contest, entrants grant the organiser a perpetual right to publish the photos submitted in online and print media. Participants consent that their photos can be used free of charge, unlimited in time and without any geographic restrictions by the organiser.


    You can win a variety of attractive prices as eg. Donau Touristik saddle coutings, cycling gloves.

    Conversion into cash is not possible.

    Submission deadline

    All photos submitted until 27 October 2018 will be accepted. 

    Employees of the Donautouristik GmbH are not entitled to participate in the contest.  Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.