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Miltenberg is a town in the district of Lower Franconia and has belonged to Bavaria since 1816. Due to its beautifully preserved medieval architecture, the town is also called "the pearl on the Main".

Top sights

Characteristic of the medieval townscape is the historic old town with the old market square, which invites you to linger among the beautifully preserved half-timbered houses. Among the numerous architectural treasures in the historic town is the Mainz Gate, first mentioned in 1379 as the outermost boundary point in the west of the town. Since the wall and other towers also surround the old town, no visitor should ignore them. "Stolpersteine" (stumbling stones) have been set in memory of fallen warriors to keep the victims in mind. There is a lot of history behind many of the half-timbered houses and it is best to take part in one of the many guided tours to learn some of the exciting secrets of the town.

Culture & Events

The Miltenberg Museum not only shows the history of the town, but also the culture that also shapes the present. The town is very traditional and invites all visitors to join in.

Markets present products from the surrounding area and other special exhibitions let you discover even more of the beautiful town.


With traditional inns, the city can show what it can do, but international specialities are also on offer. Lovers of desserts of all kinds will not miss out here, with a large number of cafés and pastry shops.

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