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Baja is a town in southern Hungary on the Danube and its tributary Sugovica. Tourism and fishing play a major role in the city.

Top sights

Baja's main square is compared to St. Mark's Square in Venice. One of the most enduring monuments for tourists is the Four Leaf Square with a beautiful view of Sugovica and the opposite island of Petofi. In the historical buildings there are many hotels, shops, cafes and tourist information offices. The square, covered with characteristic basalt cubes, was once the scene of markets and fairs, while today city festivals and programs take place.

culture & events

Every year on the second weekend in July there is a folk festival where fish soup is cooked in more than 2000 cauldrons over an open fire for well over 20,000 people. Here you can taste the traditional fish soup of Baja. For a long time, the cities of Baja and Szeged have competed to see who can cook the better fish soup.

recommendation: Life on the Danube - Fishery Exhibition, City of Baja for 300 Years - an exhibition showing the history of the Baja in the Roosevelt Square Exhibit Hall of the museum.


The famous Baja fish soup is not only a dish, but also a hungaricum. It consists of the following ingredients: Hungarian paprika (extremely healthy) and fresh fish. In some Hungarian restaurants there is the possibility to try a good fish soup.

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