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There are the fabulous Spessart and some nice historic towns along the Main. The delighfull vineyards of the Frankenland are a high constrast to the big woods. The nature park “Haßberge” and some neat market towns await you along the way.


The 1G rule states that you have to be vaccinated twice, with the second vaccination no longer than 180 days ago, the third vaccination 270 days ago or you have 2 vaccinations and a recovery certificate (valid for 180 days from recovery).

Please note our top corona prevention concept:

With regard to possible new corona waves, we can only accept vaccinated people on board on our cruises from January 2022 (1G rule). All employees on board also meet these requirements. This regulation applies to the MS Primadonna and the MS Esmeralda.

Masks are compulsory throughout embarkation until the 1G rule is checked.

In addition, perfected hygiene precautions such as comprehensive disinfection measures are carried out regularly.
(Subject to changes according to official instructions)

All information on our perfected corona prevention can be found here.


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