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Ladies touring bike

21 gears | 28"

The 21-speed touring bike with freewheel function is from the brands Schauff or Kalkhoff. The company Schauff has been manufacturing quality bikes in Remagen/Rhine since 1945, while the company Kalkhoff has been building quality bikes since 1919.
Gear system and brakes
This touring bike is suitable for all road surfaces. It features a 21-speed derailleur. A Shimano front and rear brake ensure safe braking.
This touring bike comes in two frame styles.
Trapezoidal frame
The frame shape of this rental bike offers comfort, sportiness and stability in one. The so-called trapezoidal frame allows a lower entry due to the top tube inclined to the saddle and thus a comfortable mounting and dismounting. The seating position is slightly tilted forward with this type of frame.
Wave frame
The frame shape of this rental bike primarily offers comfort. With the so-called wave frame, the top tube is missing entirely and thus a safe mounting and dismounting is given. The riding position is straight and very comfortable.
The bike has a comfortable gel saddle or a saddle equipped with Slow Fit Foam. Furthermore, this touring bike has a quick release. This allows you to quickly adjust the saddle of your rental bike to the seating position that suits you without tools.
This rental bike is equipped with a Schwalbe Marathon Plus tire. With this so-called "unplattable" tire, the puncture protection is incorporated into the casing with a 5 mm thick insert made of high-quality and resilient materials. For this reason, these tires are much more resilient and offer increased protection against a puncture.
The pictures shown are for reference only, the actual rental bike may differ.

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