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The Adige Valley stretches from the Vinschgau Valley, through the Merano region, to the south of South Tyrol and, with its eponymous cycle path, is ideal for relaxed cyclists and families. The Adige cycle path is 100% car-free as far as Riva del Garda, and there are only 20 km of little-used side roads to cycle to Verona.

Along the way, there are numerous sights to marvel at in addition to the beautiful landscape. Cosy inns and hotels invite cyclists to linger and offer delicious refreshments.

The cycling tourists can experience the contrasts of mentality and architecture between the main ridge of the Alps and the Po Valley without any traffic as far as the Abbey of San Zeno in the old town of Verona. The city of Romeo and Juliet has an exemplarily planned network of cycle paths in the old town; strolling through the traffic-calmed alleys by bike, sometimes turning left, sometimes right, is pure "Dolce Vita".

Even the Romans were looking for easy routes across the Alps, and so the Adige cycle path to Verona is also largely easy to cycle on, as it runs mostly downhill. From Merano, the Adige cycle path leads through the now wide Adige valley for the most part along the Adige river via Bolzano and Trento to Verona.

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