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Awards and certificates

Our cycle tour and shipping company has been in existence for 25 years - we strive to work as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible in our work, for which we have also been awarded for the following cornerstones.


National emblem of the Republic of Austria

In 2003, the Ministry of Economics in Vienna awarded Donau Touristik with the national coat of arms for excellent performance in cycling and Danube boat trips. This highest recognition of the Republic of Austria is only held by about 0.35 percent of the approximately 400,000 companies.

Climate Alliance Company

The Climate Alliance is the largest municipal climate protection network in Austria. We have been a Climate Alliance company since 2004 - this partnership was renewed again in 2020. We implement many initiatives with a catalogue of measures regarding energy, mobility and motivation of employees.

  • Back in 2013, we installed a solar power system on the entire south-facing roof of our office building and thus generate a 1-digit percentage of our electricity consumption ourselves.
  • We only use electric cars as company cars (currently 14) for our employees; we have 5 charging stations in our garage. Many business trips are made by train.

All our 90 office employees are reimbursed 100 % of the cost of public transport for the daily commute from home to the office/return.


Climate Active Award by the Federal Environment Ministry

Leonore Gewessler, Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, highlighted the new purchase of 144 e-bikes despite the Corona crisis in her laudation for Donau Touristik. In addition, there are all the company cars with electric drives.

The people in the photo from left to right:
Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler, BA, KR Manfred Traunmüller (Donau Touristik), Mag. Martin Traunmüller (Donau Touristik).

"Healthy Cuisine”

In 2012 a company canteen was established. Approximately 800 portions of food are produced per week, which reduces the amount of waste compared to a delivered catering. In addition, the company canteen was awarded the "Healthy Kitchen" certificate by the Upper Austrian provincial government in 2015; several inspections since then have shown 100% compliance with the strict regulations that otherwise apply to kindergartens or retirement homes.

In 2017, Donau Touristik was awarded with the „SPD Innovation Prize“ for Cohesion and Social Justice in Europe by the Deputy Chairman of the SPD, Dr Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel.

  • All crew members of MS Primadonna are employed in accordance with Austrian labour laws and rights (collective agreement), which is unique in the river cruise industry. No central office in Malta/Cyprus etc. as is usual with other shipping companies.

Responsibility as shipping company

Our MS Primadonna is built in the catamaran design (double hull), which reduces fuel consumption by about a quarter compared to other ships for 165 passengers. Our Linz pier was also the first to be equipped with a shore power connection in 2005. This minimises or completely eliminates CO² emissions during the ships' berthing times.

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