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The Danube Cycle Route starts at the source of the Danube near Donaueschingen in Germany and leads to the Black Sea and is thus part of Eurovelo 6. Every cycling enthusiast should have cycled the section from Passau to Vienna once in their life. It is no coincidence that this classic route is voted the most popular cycle route by the ADFC every year. The flat, car-free cycle path offers a string of scenic beauties (Schlögener Schlinge, Wachau, southern slopes of the Bavarian Forest and the Vienna Woods, the Danube Floodplains National Park and much more).

The Danube Cycle Path also has a lot to offer in terms of culture. Among the TOP sights are the Three Rivers City of Passau, Linz - Capital of Culture 2009, Melk Abbey and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Wachau.

Gourmets also get their money's worth along the Danube Cycle Path. The Viennese cuisine with its famous apple strudel and the excellent wines of the region are also a culinary delight - there is something for everyone.

A cycling tour along the Danube is a special experience - culinary, cultural and always close to nature!

The Danube Cycle Route runs mostly on both sides of the Danube, but sometimes only on one side, so that the Danube has to be crossed several times during the cycle tour. It follows an ancient Roman road along the Danube limes, which connected the stations, forts and fortresses up to the Danube delta.

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