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Enns is one of the oldest cities in Austria, about 20 kilometers east of Linz, near the Lower Austrian border.The urban area of Enns stretches along the left bank of the Danube opposite Mauthausen. In the summer months, a bicycle ferry runs daily between Enns and Mauthausen and connects the Danube Cycle Path with the lower Mühlviertel.

The old town of Enns with its bourgeois houses of different stylistic eras is almost a listed building.

The cityscape is predominantly characterized by its Renaissance and Baroque buildings and the remains of the former medieval city wall.The 60 meter high Enns town tower is visible from afar. It was built between 1564 and 1568 at the request of the city dwellers under Emperor Maximilian 11. as a cloche, watch and clock tower.The four-storey tower with its 17 meter high copper roof combines style elements from the Gothic and Renaissance periods.

A special feature of the tower clock are the reversed minute and hour hands.The gallery above the tower clock, accessible via 157 steps, is used as a viewpoint.The city tower has had a special feature since 2013; the former tower room on the second floor can be booked as a room from the Pixelhotels.

A few meters from the city tower is the Lauriacum Museum. On the basis of archaeological finds from Roman times, the great city history of Enns from its Roman beginnings is presented here under the place name Lauriacum and the province of Noricum to the Middle Ages and the present. Special thematic tours of everyday life in Lauriacum and the everyday life of Roman legionnaires take place regularly.

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