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Friedrichshafen is located on the Baden-Württemberg shore of Lake Constance, in the border triangle of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The city is known not only as a tourist destination, but also as the city of zeppelins.

Top Attractions

The castle church is the landmark of the city and rises into the air with two 55 m high towers. Under the direction of Christian Thumb, the building was built of Rorschach sandstone from 1695 to 1701. In 1944 the church was destroyed and from 1947 to 1951 lovingly renovated and returned to the Protestant community. The waterfront promenade, which leads directly to the castle, also offers visitors a beautiful view of the lake and the Alps.

Culture & Events

The Graf-Zeppelin-Haus is a cultural and congress centre right on the lake. Concerts, ballet and theatre performances take place here at the highest level. Cabaret, jazz, pop and rock can also be found here. In addition to first-class service, up to 1,500 people can also be accommodated in various halls. The architectural wonder, inspired by moving waters, is one of the few buildings of the 1980s to be listed as a historic monument.


With regional cuisine, the Friedrichshafner visitors like to convince again and again in numerous beautiful restaurants.

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