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Esztergom is one of the oldest cities in northern Hungary, situated on the Danube bend, 50 kilometres from Budapest. The Danube forms the border with Slovakia here. On the opposite bank of the Danube lies Sturovo. The city can be reached via the Maria Valéria Bridge, which was originally rebuilt between 2000 and 2001.

Top sights

With its landmark, the Basilica of Esztergom, the city presents itself from its best side. The largest Catholic church in Hungary, visible from afar, impresses with a size of 100 metres and a dome diameter of over 33 metres and rises above the Danube on Castle Hill. A walk down the Burgberg presents the baroque groups of houses along the Danube. 250,000 volumes can be discovered in the cathedral library and you can also discover the home of the Catholic leader in the Primate's Palace.

Culture & Events

The former capital is marked by religious but also royal influences and the buildings that represent them. You can also learn about the 1000-year history of the city and its culture in the Castle Museum. There is also a lot of interest in music and the arts, and so events are held in the city all the time.

Culinary delights

Esztergom appreciates local cuisine and so they also offer it in numerous restaurants, alongside international dishes. In addition to the coffee specialities served in the cafés, beer lovers enjoy beer specialities of various kinds in the pubs.

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