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The double city of Krems-Stein, which celebrated its 1,000th anniversary in 1995, is one of the oldest cities in Austria. The terracing, climate and location contributed significantly to its development as a center in the Danube region.

Top sights

You can enter the city directly through the stone gate and landmark, which used to be the only access with two other gates, as a wall surrounded the city, providing protection especially from floods. The old town of Krems is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, together with the picturesque alleys of the town of Stein, offers two real treasures.

Culture & Events

Krems is one of the top cultural cities in Lower Austria, hosting galleries, the independent literature house of the province of Lower Austria, the Artothek and many cultural events. Viniculture is in the blood of the people of Krems, and so they like to celebrate wine festivals and enjoy good music to go with it. Many other events of various themes are celebrated here throughout the year due to the unique environment.


Krems’ vintners are among the best in the Wachau region and produce full-bodied wines with the sweetest grapes in the area. In addition to many vintners and taverns, we recommend the Tavern Restaurant Schreiberhaus, which offers seasonal delicacies and house specialties, as well as a wide range of wines.

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