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MS Primadonna: Cruise to the Black Sea Travel to river kilometre zero

Including 13 x full board, 11 sophisticated entertainment evenings, 4 shore excursions and much more. Experience the Danube from its most impressive side. From Vienna to the Black Sea, a real ship's passage awaits you with foreign cultures, unknown stretches of land, pulsating cities and monumental sights.

Authentic Donau Touristik

In the lower reaches, the Danube is at least 1,430 metres wide (Galaţi/Romania) before it divides into the three estuaries; in the floodplains, this widens to about 2.5 kilometres. Bridges are rare here; the new construction at Brăila is 1,900 metres long. The great diversity of 5,200 catalogued animal and plant species in the 4,200 km² nature reserve of the Danube Delta is explained by the meeting of Central European forests with Mediterranean regions. But the Nibelungen River has more than one superlative: with ten states, it flows through more countries than any other river on earth!

Our journeys to the “zero kilometre” of the river are accompanied by a general practitioner with a small first-aid kit and direct payment for services.

Dates 2022

Saturday, June 11th to Friday, June 24th
Friday, 24th June to Tuesday, 7th July

Customer-friendly cancellation conditions

Due to Corona, the circumstances for your vacation can change quickly.
Therefore, we offer you customer friendly cancellation conditions until 17 days before arrival for vacations in 2022.

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Please note

We kindly point out that the destinations mentioned in the itinerary - if they are located in risk areas - can be experienced by changing the programme in the form of panoramic cruises by ship and/or bus excursions without disembarking from a port other than the destination port.

Day 1, Vienna

Individual arrival in Vienna-Nussdorf. Boarding starting at 3:00 pm , "Cast off" towards Budapest at 3:30 pm. Welcome evening in the on-board theatre.

Day 2, Budapest (Hungary)

Arrival in the Magyar metropolis at 7:30 am. All the sights can be admired from the river. Lunch on board. In the afternoon bus transfer to the pedestrian zone and individual sightseeing. At 7:00 pm transfer back to the ship. After dinner at nightfall by boat through the uniquely illuminated Magyar metropolis. Optional: City tour from 9:00 am.

Day 3, Mohács (Hungary)

Arrival at 8:30 am.

Optional: Bus excursion to baroque Fünfkirchen (Pecs/35 minutes by bus, 45 km), one of the most beautiful towns in Hungary, with city tour and individual sightseeing. After lunch, guided tour of Mohacs (included), where Europe's fate was decided in the famous battle of 1526. At 5:00 pm onward journey and EU external border control (= EU Schengen area).

Day 4, Belgrade (Serbia)

Optional: 9:00 am city tour including Kalemegdan Fortress (2.5 hours); after lunch individual sightseeing. At nightfall, continue with a view of the impressively illuminated fortress.

Day 5, Turnu Severin (Romania)

Arrival at 12:00 pm.

Optional: City tour of Turnu Severin (opera house, water tower, old town) and stop at a farm with a drink.

Day 6, Russe (Bulgaria)

Arrival at 10:00 am in the rich commercial city in northern Bulgaria with great flair and St. Peter's and Holy Trinity Church as well as a number of Orthodox houses of worship, opera house, very beautiful squares and parks. Optional: City tour.

Day 7, Constanta (Romania)

Our ship arrives in the largest port city on the Black Sea (300,000 inhabitants, Casino, Mosque Carol I, National Museum, Trajan Monument, Piata Ovidiu, Aqua Magic) at breakfast time at 9:00 am.

Optional: City tour and individual sightseeing.

Optional: In the early afternoon bathing excursion to the nearby golden beaches of Mamaia, transfer back to the ship at approx. 5:00 pm. At 6:00 pm cast off to the Black Sea and return journey to Vienna.

Day 8, Giurgiu (Romania)

Arrival at 1:00 pm

Optional: By bus to the capital Bucharest (1 bus hour), city tour (3 hours); individual sightseeing. In the evening by bus back to nearby Giurgiu.

Day 9, Vidin (Bulgaria)

Arrival at 3:00 pm. The ancient Bulgarian capital, the Thracian Dunonia (3rd century BC: picturesquely situated at the foothills of the Carpathians and towards the Danube). City tour (included) with mausoleums, former synagogue, fortress Baba Wida, Hermit's Cave, second largest cathedral in Bulgaria and more.

Day 10, Golubac (Serbia)

From approx. 10:00 am lock through the largest Danube hydroelectric power plant with a drop of approx. 28 metres (!) and journey through the Iron Gate, the Danube's breakthrough valley through the Carpathians. Stop directly at the second largest fortress in Serbia, Golubac.

Optional: Visit to this fortress, built by the Turks and picturesquely situated at the beginning of the Iron Gate.

Day 11, Novi Sad (Serbia)

Arrival at 9:00 am in the second largest city in Serbia (253,000 inhabitants) and European Capital of Culture 2022. City tour (included) through the baroque metropolis with the "impregnable" Peterwardein Fortress (2.5 hours). After lunch, individual sightseeing.

Day 12, Baja - Kalocsa (Hungary)

Arrival at 9:00 am in Baja, city tour (included) through the very beautiful old town, town hall tower, main square and individual sightseeing.

Optional: City tour through the capital of the Puszta with magnificent cathedral and bishop's palace (Suffrigat of St. Stephen's Crown).

Day 13, Esztergom (Hungary)

Arrival 8:30 am. Visit of the picturesque cathedral on the fortress hill with the largest altarpiece in the world and the third largest dome in Europe.

Optional: Guided tour of the cathedral (1 hour). Departure 12:30 pm.

Day 14, Vienna

Arrival at 9:00 am in Vienna-Nussdorf. Disembarkation and individual journey home.

In the interest of your safety, the 1st captain may change the programme at any time (even at short notice) due to high water, low water or other cases of HIGHER FORCE. Arrival times are subject to lock waiting times and normal water levels.

Entry requirements: No special visa requirements apply to EU citizens for this Danube cruise. Your passport/identity card must still be valid after the end of the cruise. For citizens of other countries, different regulations (and costs) apply; please inform yourself in advance. Each participant is personally responsible for ensuring that his/her name is correctly stated in his/her passport at the time of booking. Children need their own passport (as of December 2021).


  • The ship’s captain reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the timetable or programme due to local conditions (including flooding, low water levels or adverse weather and any unforeseen events). In such cases, the arrival and berthing times may also be affected.
  • Entry regulations: No special visa requirements apply to EU citizens for this Danube cruise. Your passport must still be valid until after the end of the cruise. For citizens of other countries different regulations (and costs) apply; please be sure inform yourself in advance. Each participant is personally responsible for ensuring that his/her name is correctly entered in their valid passport at the time of booking. Children also need their own passports. (As of May 2021)
  • We ask you to send us the passport data in advance, as this will shorten the boarding time for all customers.
  • The trip is accompanied by a general practitioner with a basic first-aid kit with direct service charge.
Price & Service
  • River cruise Vienna - Constanta - Vienna with 13 x full board in the booked double cabin
  • All port and passenger fees
  • 1 x hydrojet massage and 1 x partial body massage (each approx. 15 minutes) as well as 1 x traditional bar shave per cabin (dates according to booking on board)
  • 11 sophisticated entertainment evenings in the on-board theatre with folklore of the Danube countries, classical music, wine tasting, talk shows, etc.
  • 4 shore excursions: Esztergom Cathedral tour, city tours in Baja and Mohács, Novi Sad (with Peterwardein Fortress) and Vidin
Excursion package + € 188.-* per person
  • Budapest (city tour approx. 3 hours)
  • Turnu Severin (city tour)
  • Bucharest (transfer, city tour and individual sightseeing)
  • Russe, Bulgaria (city tour with National Opera 4 hours)
  • Belgrade (City tour with Kalemegdan 3 hours)
  • Kalocsa (transfer, cathedral tour 1 hour)
  • NEW: Bus excursion Pecs, city tour Constanta and transfer to Gold Beach, entrance Golubac ortress

*Please book at in advance. Depending on availability, excursions can also be booked individually on board according to the price list (e.g. Budapest city tour € 40 per person). 

Surcharges for single cabin usage in % on the base price

Main deck-ASTERN: + 25 % surcharge

Main deck: + 50 % surcharge

Upper- & promenade deck: + 75 % surcharge

  • Online discount
    • € 6,- per person on arrival Fr, Sa from 11.06. - 08.07.2022
  • Children (in double cabin main or upper deck with extra bed with at least 2 full-paying guests)
    • 100 % up to 5,9 years on arrival Fr, Sa from 11.06. - 08.07.2022
    • 75 % up to 11,9 years on arrival Fr, Sa from 11.06. - 08.07.2022
    • 50 % up to 18 years on arrival Fr, Sa from 11.06. - 08.07.2022
    • 5 % on arrival Fr, Sa from 11.06. - 08.07.2022

The benchmark of all cruise ships! With us, individuality is the big plus. From the vegetable juicer at the American buffet to the "cheese from the board" at the end of the 4-course menu, we cater to your wishes. Dietary requirements are sometimes possible, please specify when booking. The choice of dishes is characterised by the specialities of all ten Danube countries, especially Viennese cuisine really comes into its own here. In addition, we offer the lowest bottle wine prices of ALL Danube ships, for example 1 bottle (0.7 l) Bordeaux Château Lamothe-Vincent Jg. 2011 for only € 17.90. Five meals daily with breakfast buffet, served 3-course menus at lunch and 4-course menus in the evening; afternoon coffee with pastries; midnight snack.

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